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Performance Evaluation And Optimization Research Of F Company Supplier

Posted on:2022-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2518306539473954Subject:Business Administration
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As the rapid development of science and technology,an enterprise,which can develop sustainably and become a century-old enterprise,can no longer simply rely on its own strength.This is no longer a stand-alone era,and the power of multi-party cooperation in the development of the enterprise plays a vital role.Comprehensive and efficient supply chain management has gradually shown its effectiveness in the development of enterprises.If a developing enterprise want to maintain and continuously improve its market share and its competitiveness,it is essential to build an excellent supply chain and conduct reasonable supplier management.In order to construct an excellent supply chain and conduct supplier management,enterprises need to establish a scientific and effective supplier performance evaluation system.Scientific and effective supplier performance evaluation system can help enterprises improve their supplier management status,so that excellent suppliers can do better for serving enterprises and give play to their advantages,gradually eliminate unqualified suppliers,improve the procurement level of enterprises,and thus strengthen their own competitiveness.This paper is mainly divided into four main modules.The first module mainly introduces the research background,purpose and meaning of this topic.Besides,the current situation of home and abroad research on this topic will also be introduced.At present,there are many theories and methods about supplier performance evaluation.In this paper,ABC classification method,literature method,investigation method and analytic hierarchy method are used to analyze this topic.The second module mainly analyzes the current situation of F Company's supplier performance evaluation.After analyzing the company's relevant situation,supplier management system and its performance evaluation system,data analysis is carried out.The third module designs an optimization scheme of supplier performance evaluation for F Company on the basis of relevant data.This process is mainly based on the AHP to determine the weight of the first level index and the second level index scientifically and reasonably.The fourth module is to select four suppliers of the company and evaluate them by adopting supplier performance evaluation system before and after optimization.After the corresponding evaluation results are obtained,the analysis are made to determine that the optimized scheme is more targeted for supplier management and can improve the competitiveness of the company.This paper put forward a more scientific and reasonable scheme.These solutions can help this company improve the accuracy of its supplier performance evaluation,so as to enhance its own supplier management level.The research of this paper can also serve as a reference for other enterprises with similar problems.
Keywords/Search Tags:AHP, Supplier management, Supplier performance evaluation
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