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A Study On Supplier Optimization Management Of AMT Semiconductor Equipment Company

Posted on:2021-11-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2518306110466404Subject:Master of business administration
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As the supporting industry of semiconductor industry,semiconductor equipment is mainly used in IC manufacturing and IC sealing.Among them,IC manufacturing includes wafer manufacturing and wafer processing equipment.In 2018,the global sales volume of semiconductor manufacturing equipment is expected to reach US $62.73 billion,an increase of 10.8% year-on-year,exceeding the record high of US $56.6 billion last year.AMT is the world's largest supplier of semiconductor equipment and services,which is upstream of the semiconductor industry.In 2018,the company's annual revenue reached 17.3 billion US dollars.Although the prospect is promising,there are still many challenges.The "Copy Exact" principle in the semiconductor industry(from Intel's copy exact)guarantees the quality and stability of the wafer,but at the same time reduces the flexibility of the supply chain.It is a great challenge for AMT's supply chain to respond to order fluctuation and provide high quality equipment to customers in time This paper first discusses the particularity of semiconductor industry supply chain,combining four aspects of supplier evaluation and selection,supplier classification,supplier performance evaluation and supplier relationship,and analyzes the current situation of AMT's supplier management by using the theoretical knowledge involved in supplier management.AMT company shows some problems that can not be ignored in the supplier management activities,such as the huge and inefficient purchasing management organization,the decentralized supplier evaluation and selection system,the inefficient supplier classification management and the weakening of important supplier relationship maintenance.Secondly,in order to explore a more optimized supplier management scheme,the organization and system that need to be improved in supplier evaluation and selection are proposed,and the measures to manage suppliers by region and classification are discussed.In terms of supplier performance evaluation,comprehensive and systematic indicators need to be improved.For many problems in supplier relationship management that are easily to be ignored,it is also strongly emphasized he importance of supplier cooperation and supplier participation in innovation.At the same time,it analyzes the benefits and effects after the implementation of the optimization program.Finally,measures are proposed about cross-function collaboration,information system optimization and strengthening staff training,Based on the theory of supplier management and AMT's supplier management practice,through the analysis of the problems in supplier management and the feasible optimization scheme,it can provide some reference for other small batch and multi category manufacturing enterprises.At the same time,in the context of the national support for the development of semiconductor industry,the relevant research on this industry will provide some reference value for the future development and upgrading of China's semiconductor industry chain in an all-round way.
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