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About Globe Thesis

Globe Thesis was launched in June 2006 by Sweden International Publishing Group (SIPG).

Globe Thesis publishes master's theses and doctoral dissertations in all area of science, technology, medicine, humanities and social sciences throughout the world. In addition, master's thesis and doctoral dissertation scattered across or isolated on the Internet have also been collected and categorized under major topics. Abstracts of the theses and dissertations were all translated into English. The Website aims to provide ease of access to global outstanding thesis for students, researchers and many others who need them.


Links to full-text is available for 89,818 records.

A fee may be charged for copy of the full-text.

Document Delivery Service (Copy Service on a Fee Basis)

Globe Thesis provides document delivery service on a fee basis.

For orders of any documents, please send requests by email.

You are requested to specify the document identity number(GTID) and thesis title.