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Research And Analysis On Supplier Management System Of Power Supply Enterprise

Posted on:2017-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2278330488450373Subject:Software engineering
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Now that all the enterprises are paying more attention to its economic benefits, the enterprise supply sector procurement cost size also determines the enterprise the cost, the economic efficiency of enterprises will be driven to. The supplier management is one of the key work best for purchasing department, so we must strengthen the management to the suppliers? the establishment of an effective real-time management system suppliers, so that efficiency and competitiveness will be greatly improve enterprise.In this paper, detailed investigation and Research on the specific circumstances of a power supply enterprise, at the beginning of the supplier management company operating mode are analyzed, and sorted out the process model of enterprise the internal supplier management. According to different characteristics of enterprise suppliers by category the supplier, also the corresponding design evaluation index of different types, also confirmed the corresponding evaluation method. From the start of evaluation index, the technical ability, study the supplier basic situation, financial situation, management ability and quality of service capacity, for the entire performance evaluation work, it contains five parts cost, management, quality, delivery, development. Thus derived the performance index system of supplier sourcing, contract, quality, operation ability index to component suppliers. Mainly based on the classification of supplier management, analysis and Research on the performance evaluation of supplier qualification evaluation module and classification module, management module. It is precisely because of this management system to solve the supplier service does not reach the standard, but the quality problem, time etc.. Also indirectly reduce the cost of the enterprise and the production cycle, improve the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:supplier management system, supplier classification, evaluation, standard system
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