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Research On OEM Supplier Performance Evaluation And Management Strategy Of L Company Based On Industrial Internet Platform

Posted on:2019-10-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X T YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330620459058Subject:Business management
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With the process of economic globalization and the rapid development of information technology,competition stress from marketing has become more cruel and fierce,users' needs have become more individual and unique,and the product life cycle has become shorter.Enterprises are faced with the increasing quality requirements of products and services,increasing manufacturing costs,and constantly reducing the lead time.The ability of enterprises to control the supply chain directly determines the lifeline of the company.The economic globalization has brought about the division of labor in international industrialization.More and more enterprises have transferred the low-margin part of the industrial chain to OEMs(original equipment manufacturers)to enhance their core competitiveness.Therefore,the OEM operation performance of the OEM directly affects the quality of the product and the benefits of the supply chain.This paper brings the technology and concept of the emerging industrial Internet into the practice of enterprise performance evaluation and management.Taking L company as an example,it analyzes the current situation of L company supply chain and the problems in its performance evaluation: evaluation the data is not true,the information transmission is lagging,and the evaluation methods are not objective and specific.Through the establishment of an industrial Internet platform,OEM raw production big data is collected and quantitative analysis of key operational indicators.Then,using the TOPSIS analysis method,the performance evaluation system is established from the dimension of quality,procurement,efficiency and cost,and the performance level of the supplier is quantitatively analyzed as a whole,the superior and inferior suppliers are distinguished,and the suppliers with low performance evaluation are selected.Give performance improvement advice.
Keywords/Search Tags:OEM, Industrial Internet, TOPSIS, Supplier performance evaluation system, Supplier performance improvement
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