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A Procuratorial Agency Supplier System Design And Development Of Integrated Management Model

Posted on:2013-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2248330395474145Subject:Software engineering
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At present, China’s electronic public procurement is still relatively backward construction and application, it did not form a unified national electronic public procurement platform, It exists a serious of problem for islands of information and difficult of data sharing, It can not be achieved for the government to provide basis for decision making functions. To improve China’s public procurement the existence of these problems, Bureau of Machinery and Electric Equipment Tendering of Guangdong Province take a proposal of bidding and purchasing and logistics integration, to create an open, integrated platform for public service bidding. As the bidding of public service platform of the building is a long, complicated process, it needs to continually explore and improve practice. It must be following the "master plan, step by step "principle, then establishing goals at different stages.The proposed development subject "tendering agency supplier integrated management model subsystem analysis and design", is a subsystem of the bidding of public service platform. The subsystems can run independently, but also the entire bidding and purchasing of public service platform seamlessly into its subsystems. The system utilizes Browser/Server architecture and selects SQL Server2005as the back-end database. Its functions includes browse zone, supplier management zone, tendering management zone, system management zone. Tendering agency supplier integrated management model subsystem collects a variety of companies participating qualification tender documents, certificates, and create files for the enterprise. Enterprises through certification can directly participate in the tender, without repeatedly provide the same certificate, document. The system not only improves the efficiency of the bidding, but also lowering the cost of bidding companies. Moreover, through the establishment of enterprise file, if the tender with the business-related projects, the system will be sent automatically to the relevant companies bid invitation, so the enterprise can get to know the information related to the tender, the tender center can find as much as possible participate in the bidding business. Meanwhile, the project also creatively proposed assessment of10indicators to suppliers:1, in line with the country’s overall policy guidance;2, in line with the development needs of the region;3, encourage environmental protection, Energy conservation, sustainable development;4, To support Small and medium-sized enterprise and vulnerable groups;5, to encourage technological innovation and technological progress;6, the plan completion rate;7, the passing rate the quality of projects;8, the safety of state funds;9, the complaint rate;10, Social Responsibility. These indicators can give full play to the tender agent in promoting social development, play an active role.Currently, the project has been in Guangdong Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Tendering Center to run a successful on-line. The practical operation shows that the system design is reasonable, comprehensive, and easy to use. The project not only significantly improve the bidding vendor management agencies, but also through the original supplier assessment criteria, the better to guide enterprises in accordance with the national, corporate, personal win-win direction.
Keywords/Search Tags:B/S architecture, Database, Supplier Management, Bidding System, Supplier Evaluation
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