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Research And Implementation Of Key Technologies Of Iot Equipment Access Management Platform

Posted on:2020-05-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the rapid development of China's market economy and hightech industries,the Internet of Things has become another research hotspot after the Internet.More and more industries have become a new field of IoT applications,followed by communication,access and management issues for massive devices.Traditional IoT access systems have problems such as high access costs,single access methods,and limited access device resources.How to solve the unified access problem of IoT devices in different industries under the existing conditions,combined with existing IoT application practice cases and low-power IoT technologies,is the key point of planning and design implementation.The main work of this paper is as follows:Based on existing IoT access standards,platforms and access solutions,this paper studies the hierarchical architecture of the Internet of Things and the network communication technology among different levels,and proposes the overall architecture design of the IoT device access management platform.The access layer and IoT management layer are added to the traditional IoT structure: an external gateway is used at the access layer.Ensure that the device has terminal access capability;add IoT management layer to separate device management from other services,and improve platform independence and scalability.In the IoT device terminal,for the heterogeneous device access scenarios of different manufacturers and models,combined with the gateway and NB-IoT related technology,the gateway terminal software system is designed based on the intelligent gateway of the Zynq7000 programmable chip based on FPGA,so that the sensing layer The terminal equipment has intelligent access capability.The NB-IoT application system architecture and platform access technology are studied,and the gateway is integrated with the NB communication module to extend the access support of the new low-power IoT device to realize unified access and data reporting of the IoT device in the industry.On the server side of the IoT device management platform,for the different industries and different types of devices,the design of the ubiquitous “Things” is proposed to solve the general description and representation of the platform to the pandevice.Study the "material" access design and the "object" management design to achieve unified access to heterogeneous devices to meet the normal management needs of the device.The IoT device access management platform designed by the thesis adopts the Client-SDK architecture,the southbound docking IoT terminal device,and the northbound docking industry big data analysis and application platform.Realizing the unified access of IoT devices in different industries has certain reference and practical value.Based on this,the application and practice on the high-precision IoT system platform are completed,and equipment access,data reporting and command delivery in the measurement industry are realized.The final system test and landing deployment show that the device management platform is reliable and stable.Concurrent access performance is good,support for multi-device connections.The successful application in the measurement industry also verifies the correctness and feasibility of the unified access of the Internet of Things equipment management platform to the industries equipment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet of Things platform, Intelligent Internet of Things Gateway, NB-IoT, "Things" Access, Software Architecture
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