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Research On A Company's Financial Shared Services Model

Posted on:2012-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2219330371950598Subject:Business Administration
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With the continuous development of information technology and economic globalization tide gradually advances in the world, market competition is becoming increasing fierce, in the process of enterprise daily operation business support department's service quality and management costs have drawn more and more attention, in order to reduce the cost to the best extent and improve efficiency, enterprises'basic business processing will gradually be completed by Shared service center or outsourcing. Now because the financial department's work are more focused on basic things, in order to conform to the trend of the development of economy, that requires the enterprise financial departments to conduct financial transformation. Emerging financial management model is continuous rising and Financial Shared services came into being in this context.Since the day Financial Shared service come into being, it was rapidly accepted by the world 500 strong enterprises for its management focus, efficient and cost advantage, now it also becomes increasing accepted by numerous multinational companies, large and medium-sized enterprises. In this paper we combine with the trend of financial management changes to explain the financial Shared services model is the trend of the times, and focus on the concept of financial Shared services and development process, at the same time this paper expounds the contrast of the financial Shared services advantage through various financial management mode. On the basis of introducing theory, in this paper we expound the design of A company financial Shared services pattern Mainly on the personnel, business and information system aspects through analyzing A company's service to the financial management of the status quo and the problem. On the personnel aspect, A company adopts vertical financial personnel management, the performance evaluation is conducted by the head office, and at the same time branch companies get business guidance from head office. After a vertical management, the financial concentration control was strengthened, the service level was raised, and at the same time it also plays the role of the guard against risks. On the business aspect, A company focuses on general ledger and on capital management process engineering, hand in financial basic work to the corporation to be unified handling, so that the business process becomes more clear and accounting reaches a higher standard, it also releases the branch company financial personnel and at the same time improves the location and requirements of financial personnel in branch company. Because A company has its five big saies channel developed at the same time, in order to better implementation support for five big business channel, information system is divided into three big business support system as LIFEASIA system, group insurance business system and CMS system, How to realize these three big business system and financial system seamless link has been a common concern of the company information department and finance department, now A company has basically achieved three big business system and financial system of seamless links by hard work from the business channel, information department and finance department together, thus A company avoid data chaos and distortion because of manual intervention and cause to the best extent. After tasted sweets in financial Shared service center management mode A company has had its purchasing center, the channel administrative center and the customer service center established in succession, A company also realizes the financial Shared services center and other each sharing center of the link between seamless by upgrading Business support system. This paper, hopes to provide the reference to other enterprise on the road in exploring new financial management mode by analyzing A company's financial Shared services model research.
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