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Finance Shared Service Center Construction Research

Posted on:2013-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2249330395474310Subject:Business administration
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With the economic globalization and the rapid development of informationtechnology, there is a shocking development of many multinational companies anddomestic large enterprise groups, they have established branches in all over the worldand the country. With the expansion of the scale of enterprise groups,the Institutionsincreasing, Management spaning wide, Geographically widely distributing,Enterprise Group Financial management has become more complex and the financialmanagement problems growing. Because the financial organizations face depthchanges, Financial Shared Services organizational forms are gradually accepted andpromoted by the enterprise groups. Financial Shared Services Center is a anagementmodel that is to make the company process standardization and streamline through theeffective integration of people, technology and processes in one or more locations. Itcan effectively reduce the financial information acquisition costs, improve the qualityof financial information, the integration of financial resources and recycling businessmanagement processes. Financial shared service center had promoted the reduction ofcosts, optimized the allocation of resources, improved efficiency and customersatisfaction, and increased the enterprise’s core competitiveness.This paper takes financial management strategic transformation of CL InsuranceCompany of Sichuan Province Branch for example, and in the process of building afinancial shared services center, this paper analyzes the main problems of thetraditional financial management to establish the necessity and feasibility of sharedservice centers from a practical point of view,and focus on the process of building theshared services center of CL Sichuan Branch. First,this paper clarifies the purpose andsignificance of this study, the introduction of research ideas, the framework and maincontent by introductioning the background; Second, this thesis briefly describes thestatus quo and development of sharing research on financial services at home andabroad; third,it’s the Introduction of the overall situation and the exists problems of thetraditional financial accounting management model of CL Insurance Company ofSichuan Province Branch, then put forward some suggestions for the problem, and to pave the way for later discussion;fourth, for the problem of the new model offinancial accounting shared, this paper described financial accounting centralizedmanagement, the specific embodiment and the related analysis in the process ofestablishing a financial shared service center, to providing related support for financialSharing Center construction; finally, through a comprehensive summary of thefull-text content, I elaborated my point of view and make recommendations.The author hopes that through the study of building CL Sichuan branch financialshared services center, to summing up the successful experiences and failures in theprocess of building a financial shared services center, and to providing a reference forthe future development of the medium-sized insurance and financial enterprises.
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