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Enterprises Group To Build A Shared Financial Services Center

Posted on:2012-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The goal that this essay uses "Shared Accounting Service Center" terminology is to stress that what the enterprise may share is the accounting service, but not the complete information which the Accounting department owns.The research of shared accounting service center, which is one of the latest model of management in the Western developed countries, has been conducted for nearly three decades. It was applied first in the actual control of multinational corporations. In the past few years, this issue becomes a hot spot and being taken more seriously in both theoretical and practice. But in China, the research towards the title of shared accounting service center is just in the initial stage.Shared accounting service is a kind of modern business management, which is particularly the direction for development in large-scale, trans-regional enterprise's. The setting up of shared accounting service centre allows the enterprise to demonstrate its superiority in management model with good effect. Currently,86% of US Fortune 500 companies have set up or is setting up their shared accounting service center, and meanwhile, realizing that the significance success through the reorganization of shared accounting service centre. In this paper, firstly the author discusses the tendency of the accounting management, and the secondly analyzes the shared theory which expedites childbirth to the reforming of accounting management. Lastly, the author conducts the research of the development process and the characteristic, promulgates its important meaning in the enhancement of the enterprise value and the promotion of enterprise competitive power.Beginning with the transformation of accounting department, this paper raised the proposal about the management of shared accounting service. Firstly, it systematically gives a brief summary of relevant concepts about SASC, including its definition, charactaristic, development, advantages, applicability etc. Secondly, it analyzes the background on setting up process of SASC. With unifying the author's working experience in multi-countries enterprises, the author summarizes the setup process of shared accounting service center and its feasibility in practice., Thirdly, the author expressed her own idea to the point of the outsourcing and raised suggestion from negative point of view. Finally, the author foresees and describes the tendency of the SASC.The author hopes that through this study of shared accounting services center, this research can become a reference for those large and medium sized enterprises, which in particular has the willing to explore the future implementation in the accounting management.
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