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Keyword [Vertical management]
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1. Utility Analysis Of Operational Risks In Commercial Banks
2. Study On Supply Securiry Measures For Langfang Power Grid Under The Mode Of Vertical Management
3. The Basic Pension Insurance Agencies In The National Co-ordinating The Context Of Vertical Management Research
4. Research On A Company's Financial Shared Services Model
5. Study On The Management System Reform Issues Of Local Audit Institutions In Our Country
6. The Resistance And Countermeasures Of The National Coordination Of The Basic Pension Insurance
7. The Research Of The Administration Of The Country Land In China
8. China Unicom Network Of Hunan Province Branch Management Mode Change
9. Research On Countermeasures And Predicaments Faced By Territorial Resources Vertical Management System
10. Optimization Of Vertical Claims Management Mode Of A Insurance Company
11. Study On The Construction Of Cooperative Farm In Jilin Province
12. Study On Performance Appraisal Under Centralized Operation Mode In Municipal Insurance Company
13. Internal Control Research Of Administrative Units Under Vertical Management Mode
14. Research On Classification Management System Of Nanping Administrative Department For Industry And Commerce
15. Research On Optimization Of The CD Rural Commercial Bank’s Financial Vertical Management Mode
16. Study On Government Management Optimization Of Inspection And Quarantine System In China
17. H Company Vertical Management Communication Promotion Strategy Research
18. Research On Vertical Management Strategy Of Channel Management Of China Mobile Group Guangxi Company
19. The Research On Performance Management Problems And Countermeasures Of H Province State Taxation Bureau
20. Comparative Study On The Efficiency Of Food And Drug Safety Supervision In Putian Under The Vertical And Localized Regulatory Models
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