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Research On The Establishment And Implementation Of CG Group’s Financial Shared Service Center

Posted on:2014-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q K LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330452456250Subject:Business Administration
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With the continuous progress of human society and the development of economicglobalization, more and more giant multinationals are emerging. As their business arediversified and expanded, multinationals need to establish branches and subsidiaries allaround the world, which brings many difficulties and challenges for the businessmanagement. In1980s, Ford established a new organization-shared services center, bywhich it reduced its operating costs, improved its service efficiency and unified itsbusiness standard. By means of efficiently handling large scale of repeatable work, sharedservice center relieves the business units from the basic work and helps them moreconcentrate on providing strategic support for the company. In Western countries, sharedservice has already been mature management pattern. In China, however, theestablishment of shared service centers is still in the initial stage and need further researchand application.In this article, based on the previous studies from China and abroad on finance sharedservice, the author will dig deeper on the approach, process and effectiveness of establishingfinance shared service center in China. First, the writer will introduce the basic theory,content and development status of shared services. Then the author will use the case of CGgroup’s financial shared service center to demonstrate the reasons, key elements,implementation steps and methods of establishing finance shared service center. Finally, wecan make the conclusion that finance shared service center is an innovative managementpattern that will strengthen headquarters’ control over subsidiaries and branches, preventrisks, save costs and improve financial efficiency and quality. Meanwhile, through moreprecise division of responsibility, finance shared service center makes financial officersmore efficient and specialized. Other branches or businesses of the company could alsolearn and benefit from the managerial innovation of financial shared service center. Basedon theory introduction and empirical study, this essay is going to provide references for thedomestic enterprises who want to establish their own finance shared service center.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shared Services, Financial Management, Financial Shared Service Center
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