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Research On The Construction Of Financial Shared Service Center Of A Enterprise Group

Posted on:2018-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of economic globalization and the continuous development of information technology,the competition among enterprises is becoming more and more fierce.Many large domestic enterprises choose to expand their market scope,establish subsidiaries to expand business scope,but the organization and business enterprises have been expanding,many enterprise groups showed different degree of increase operating costs,reduce the efficiency of financial work,poor quality of financial information and other adverse conditions.Under such circumstances,many enterprises in order to achieve large-scale expansion and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises to introduce a new financial management model-Financial Shared Service model.The construction of financial shared services model not only promotes the transformation of the financial function of the enterprise,but also create the value for the enterprise and promote the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.In this paper,based on the integration of relevant literature at home and abroad,using the method of literature research and case analysis method to analyze the current situation of A company.This paper points out some problems of A company failed to establish financial shared service center when the financial management of A company,through the analysis on some problems such as A,leads the company to build the shared services model,combined with the financial sharing service theory and the domestic and foreign enterprise successful experience,the A group of companies to build and implement financial shared services the construction of Financial Shared center,clear strategic objectives and positioning service center,to build information platform and optimize the financial business process as the key,especially the accounts receivable,accounts payable,fixed assets,expenses,general ledger and report module of business process optimization as the center to illustrate the operation mode of Financial Shared Service Center of A company.Finally,through the performance evaluation,efficiency improvement and other indicators to evaluate the operation of the shared service center,and give some suggestions for possible problems.Through the sharing of the construction of the service center of A company,hope can be summed up in the process of construction of Financial Shared Service Center in some experiences and lessons,have certain reference significance for enterprises in strengthening financial management,also provide substantial experience and materials forthe construction of financial and other large and medium sized enterprises our shared service model.
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