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Research On The Construction Of Financial Shared Service Center Of SH Electric Power

Posted on:2019-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330596961739Subject:Business administration
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At present,Chinese enterprises are in an era of rapid development and rapid transformation.On the one hand,from the macroeconomic point of view,the rapid development of China's economy in recent years,the traditional government-intervened economic transformation into a new economic growth cycle.Removing capacity and deleveraging are the new requirement for enterprises and future direction of guidance.The market ecological environment is constantly updated,and is forming a new form of business.Business operations are becoming increasingly complex and need to be constantly restructured to meet the needs of economic development.On the other hand,in the past few years,the Internet is developing rapidly,and Internet thinking has penetrated into enterprises,constantly breaking the boundaries of enterprises.Rapid technological progress has a major impact on the business sector,and reshaping the business models.Under this background,the original decentralized financial management model in the financial field is challenged,and a new financial management model is urgently needed.Therefore,the reform in the financial field is inevitable and imperative.Financial Sharing Service Center(FSSC)standardizes the financial business which is easy to standardize through the process reengineering of the financial business with high similarity,and processes the business by FSSC.It concentrates the accounting business of different regions and companies in the same FSSC for unified processing,so it is an efficient financial management mode.As a bridge,FSSC builds a platform for enterprise management and financial management,which has an important means of financial management standardization,and an important way to improve the level of financial management.This model is being promoted and successfully applied in many multinational companies and domestic large or medium-sized group companies.Based on the theories of scale economy,business process reengineering and core competitiveness,this paper takes SH electric power as an example to study the construction of FSSC.Starting from the research background and meaning of FSSC,the research status at home and abroad and the theoretical basis,this paper first expounds the financial management status of SH electric power,analyzes the existing problems and causes;secondly,analyzes the feasibility of building FSSC,designs the transformation of the organizational structure and the specific process reform.Finally,the operation effect of FSSC is expected,and the safeguard measures for the operation of FSSC are analyzed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Financial Shared Services, Financial Management Process Reengineering, Financial Shared Service Center
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