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Finance Shared Service Center Construction Research Of Z Insurance Company

Posted on:2017-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Financial Shared Services Center,the new enterprise management mode,was used by American Ford Company in the 1980s for the first time.It was introduced from abroad into China more than ten years,which has been gradually familiar with each big enterprises in our country.The purpose of this new type of enterprise management model is in order to solve the problems of the enterprise group in the process of expansion,such as particularly high financial cost,the low efficiency of management,the inefficient management of the subsidiary of parent company.In the process where financial shared services model is created and used abroad,the model has obvious advantages over enterprise financial management and enterprise expansion process,but this kind of popular management mode has only been introduced to our country for more than ten years,many problems and obstacles still exist in the process of practical application,because most of the enterprises in China is not skilled in using the method of the mode,so,in a sense,how can this new type of management mode in enterprise management in our country exert its maximum value needs to do further research.In this paper,first of all,with the rapid development of science and technology nowadays and the background of information age,the idea of financial Shared services and importance is come up.On the basis of domestic and foreign related research theory,our country Z insurance company is put as the object of case study.This paper expounds the relevant content in the research of its financial Shared services center building.First,this paper introduces some relevant theories about financial shared services at home and abroad research situation,and illustrates the research method of this article,research framework and innovation point;Secondly,it explains the financial shared services model,including financial Shared services connotation,essence and core of system;For Z company,the present situation of the traditional financial management mode is analyzed.We find out the existence of a series of problems,and illustrate the Z company's the necessity of implementing financial shared services model.Then mainly for Z company financial shared services center building,it has carried on the detailed elaboration,put forward the main task of the build,target and the organization structure,operation mode,and financial management of an insurance company's a few key processes are detailed.Finally,Z insurance company financial shared services center implementation of several security measures are put forward.This article mainly takes the theory research and case,the combination of financial Shared services center for insurance companies to build the process of implementing scheme is put forward,considering that in today's rapid development of science and technology and its impact on business,companies should consider introducing financial shared services model to reduce operating costs,improve work efficiency,strengthen the effective control of all risk points.Hope that the same industry companies and other enterprises in the process of building financial sharing center has certain help and inspiration.
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