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Convergence Journalism:Gathering And Presentation

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This paper studies and discusses the convergence journalism systematically. The author discusses the theoretical and practical significance of the topic, introduces research methods, and reviews the related documents. The paper discusses the ideas about convergence reporting, the convergence journalism process and classifies staff members. The convergence journalism is based on the development of convergent media technology, using text, pictures, audio, video, keywords, links and interactive settings to report news comprehensively and flexibly. Convergence journalism attaches importance to interaction with users, the service quality and the presentation. The author has also drawn up the convergence journalism process chart following a detailed interpretation. Staff members are mainly divided into the backpack journalists and the super team. Back journalists play a leading role in reporter-led convergence news reporting, and foreign correspondents, war correspondents and small-size media reporters can be occupied by more backpack journalists. The scale of the super team should be considered in the practice of convergence journalism. With a clear division of responsibilities, a small team, which is cost-effective, flexible and efficient, is appropriate for daily reporting and common event. The cooperation of big team is more complex. The tacit coordination, authority and effectiveness of the leadership, and the pre planning should be aware of. General convergence journalism can be dominated by a small team, and unconventional significant reporting can be led by a big team. The main requirement of team members is that their technology should be complementary. Moreover, good team spirit and fairness preference are also needed.The great changes of news values have occurred in the media convergence era, and a correct understanding on these changes is the premise of the convergence news reporting. This article discusses the changes of the following 5 factors including timeliness, importance, proximity, prominence and interestingness in new media environment, and proposes suggestions for news reporting. The basic principles of convergence news reporting are discussed systematically as follows:the influence of digital media technology and realistic representation is the key to understand the truth of convergence news; the internet world is full of subjective information, and this highlights the principles of objectivity in media convergence age; journalists must adhere to the principle of fairness, establish interaction rules of civilization, and take ethics seriously; and the operation points of vividness include mixing together information and stories, and making full use of the advanced digital media technology.The paper mainly discusses the acquisition and presentation of text, images, audio, video and other media material. The text plays a dominant role, improving the efficiency of communication, making the users more active and more independent. Limiting the words is required for screen reading. As a visual form, text should be presented perfectly with pictures, videos and animations. The text material gathering has the most extensive collection channels. The automatic generation system is a favorable way to the articles producing. Pictures mainly include news photographs, charts and cartoons. The development and popularization of digital photography equipment expanded the sources of news photographs rapidly, and we should focus more on newsworthiness rather than image. Photo ethics should be taken seriously. News chart is an image form which displays information vividly with numbers, text, drawing, photographs and cartoons, including statistical charts, news maps, computer graphics and composite charts. Charts can aggregate the enormous and scattered data information to present the news efficiently, vividly and concisely. News cartoons can not only release the news in the form of art, but also can comment on the news fact vividly. The use of news pictures must follow the relevant principles and avoid some improper processing operation at later stage. Audio can generate the sense of intimacy, and audio acquisition devices are becoming diversified and portable. Video has the most visual sense, and video acquisition has the characteristics incorporated by sound and picture. Audio and video material gathering especially need to control the angle and distance. Compared with the audio, users create video files more enthusiastically.This paper studies the application of keywords and hyperlinks in convergence reporting. Keywords are of significance in SEO, which can effectively promote the convergence news dissemination. This paper demonstrates the values of the use of keywords in convergence news reporting, the establishment principles, specific requirements, and explores the distribution, the matters needing attention of keywords application in convergence news. The values of hyperlinks in the convergence news are as follows:Hyperlinks play reference function, making the news shuttle in space-time, and changing the ways of telling news. This paper discusses the application methods and technology of hyperlinks in convergence news:layered expression using hyperlinks; stereoscopic displaying; setting the keywords searching links and more extensive searching links; bewaring of dead links. From the SEO perspective, we should attach great importance to the internal links, and actively seek to be the external links. Furthermore, we shouldn’t be afraid of linking to the external websites even the competitors’websites.The author studies the interaction and UGC. Interaction is the highly concerned sign of news, brings the users into the producing system of convergence journalism, and is beneficial to enhancing the access flow. This paper discusses the internet survey, the facial feedback, the use of the social resources and the necessary of timely feedback. Convergence journalism must lay emphasis on the social sharing. The social sharing is the important index to evaluate the convergence journalism, and the news pages design should pay attention to the users’ sharing desire. It is convenient to share their concerned information to social media by setting a variety of share buttons. Journalists’ personal message should be kept in the pages.This paper expounds the presentation of convergence journalism. In the structure, put the most attractive content in front, layered reporting with the use of the hyperlinks, and combine different media content with the modular idea. The final presentation is page integration which includes reporting convergence and subject convergence. Reporting convergence refers to the core mission of page integration is to accomplish the given news reporting. It has distinct body form, led by the news body, combined with other media elements to supplement and deepen the reporting. The basic operation of reporting convergence is content adding which adhere to the following basic ideas:firstly, possess enough news material and set appropriate reporting body form; secondly, add content and reinforce interaction; thirdly, be moderate and reasonable. With greater presentation scale and complex newsroom, subject convergence emphasizes the integration of numerous news resource of the same subject. Subject convergence has three typical characteristics which are the specific requirements to the operation:large capacity, aggregation state and rich association. However, subject convergence is not suitable for any news. Journalists should judge and plan before reporting. The concept of depth reporting, service consciousness, media convergence operation and clear and concise presentation are required. The operations of subject convergence mainly include the name ascertained, structure design, adding content and maintenance.
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