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A Study On The Intergration Of"Convergence Journalism" Report

Posted on:2013-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With rapid development of media convergence, digital technology and network technology, convergence journalism, as a new mode of news coverage, has drawn more and more attention. How to integrate different media news reporting processes and resources in "convergence journalism" report not only determines the realization of multi-level transmission effect but also influences the development of integration levels. The integration of convergence journalism is an inevitable result from changes in media environment. It is an effective method to enhance competitiveness of the Group and also a necessary result that the media meet audience’s information demand. However the integration of convergence journalism is immature. In the specific operation, it has a series of problems, which include unnormalization of integration, homogenization of integration content and neglecting audience’s integration. These problems are caused by restrictions of media regulation and organizational structure and also lack of human resource integration. In order to achieve a long development of convergence journalism, it needs to change the concept from "differentiation" to "integration", to conduct personnel training and educational reform, to establish "Multimedia Data Acquisition Platform" based on reconstruction of organizational structure.
Keywords/Search Tags:media convergence, convergence journalism, news report, integration
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