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Research On The Construction Of Convergence Journalism Quality Evaluation Index System Of News Producer

Posted on:2021-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of the Internet,intelligence,digitization,and networking have provided more opportunities and entry points for convergence journalism.However,the construction of convergence journalism on major media platforms is not smooth.In addition to the difficulty in ensuring the quality of content,at the same time,some convergence journalism lacks depth and floats on the surface.The proper integration of form and channel calls for the birth of a set of convergence journalism quality evaluation standards adapted to the Internet era.Based on the basis of literature research,this paper studies the selection criteria of Chinese and foreign news awards and the existing indicator research system of experts.Under the analytical framework of the analytic hierarchy process and the 5W news dissemination model,this paper formulates 4 primary indicators,15 secondary indicators and 35 tertiary indicators.Through expert scoring and weight calculation of yaahp software,a weighted system of convergence journalism quality evaluation indicators is finally obtained.At the same time,this study took the fourteen days of convergence journalism reports of the central mainstream media before and after the 70 th anniversary of the military parade in 2019 as the main body of the study.Three sample objects were selected,scored and ranked by People's Daily,Guangming Daily and Xinhua Daily Telecommunications.This article believes that there is no lack of advanced experience in the convergence journalism reports by the central-level mainstream media,but overall,the convergence journalism of the central-level mainstream media are still mainly based on texts and charts,and there is still room for improvement in the form of media presentation and technological innovation.Based on the above research,this research puts forward some suggestions for improving the quality of convergence journalism,including creating a channel production model,enhancing the intertextual narrative ability,enhancing the ability of curating news,and releasing the audience's subjective connotation,etc.,hoping to provide some useful ideas for the quality of convergence journalism.
Keywords/Search Tags:convergence journalism, quality journalism, evaluation index, analytic hierarchy process
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