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The Change Of Production Mechanism Under The Background Of Media Convergence

Posted on:2014-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This dissertation focuses on the changing of investigative news production in the context of media convergence. By using the research method of case study, my observation starts from America to China, trying to analyze this subject from three aspects:contents presenting, production process and news producer’s character.From the very beginning, the literature review includes the development of media convergence and investigative reporting, the concept of news production sociology and the study of convergence journalism both domestic and overseas. In the process of reviewing, I found that the study about media convergence, convergence reporting and internet news progressively increased. While, the study focusing on investigative study is rare. So I choose the angle of investigative reporting, which is the pyramid top of reporting, contributes to the innovation point of this dissertation.This dissertation mainly has three parts:the contents presenting, production process and news producers’ relationship of investigative reporting.In the first part "contents presenting", it summarizes four features of investigative reporting based on the convergence technology, which are full-time, open, interactive and mobile. Then, it introduces two classifications of investigative reporting. They are crowd-sourcing news, data journalism and mapping news according to form, and experiential news and panorama news according to production mechanism.In the second part "production process", first it introduces the ideal model of convergence reporting "The News Diamond" derived from the theory of "Water ripple effect". Then it introduces two typical newsroom types abroad which are information center(eg. Tampa’s News Center and Gannett media group) and social investigative producing(eg. Spot.Us, Huffington Post and ProPublica). At last, it puts forward two leading models in China that are Central kitchen model(eg. CaiXin Media Group) and Omnimedia digital platform(eg. Nandu media group).And in the third part "news producer’s character", it discusses the changing of characteristics and relationship of news producers and how to deal with it. Meanwhile it introduces UGC and what it brings to the structure of sources and production style. Finally it summarizes some points about convergence or polarization, synergy or division.In the end, this dissertation proposed three conclusions:In the context of media convergence, the production characteristic of investigative news changes from linear to reticular. The interface of investigative news transfers from consequence to process. And the spirit of investigative news turns from monologue to communication.
Keywords/Search Tags:Media Convergence, Investigative Reporting, News Production, Convergence Journalism
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