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Study On The Web2.0 Netnews And Convergence Journalism

Posted on:2009-12-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the rapid development of network technology and huge growth of netizen group, Web2.0 became a hot word in recent years. Web2.0 was only referred as a network technology in the beginning, represented by Blog, Podcast, Bookmark, Wiki, etc. However, as developed with the practice, it also represents Web2.0 internet communication spirit: individuation, sharing, and contribution. As Web2.0 has been applied to the netnews, the news source become more diverse, the news modus use multimedia techniques. More importantly, audience is not only audience any more: they also turned into producer and contributor to the internet contents, they recompense the internet. The first chapter of this essay introduced this era background, the following contents were based on this background to analyze the cause of convergence journalism, the convergence journalism phenomenon at home and abroad, the problem came along, and how to solve it when we face this big trend.Chapter 2 identified the concept of Web2.0 and convergence journalism, told the differences between Web2.0 and Web1.0, and introduced some typical Web2.0 network application.Chapter 3 combines Web2.0 with convergence journalism, classified the technological base of convergence journalism was the development of digital technique, and the extensive application of Web2.0. The application of Web2.0 not only can make Netnews converge words, photos, videos, flash, cartoons, blog, podcast to express Netnews, but also makes Netnews converge other traditional media as broadcast, newspaper and TV. They cooperate on the services and share on the contents. This chapter takes 08 Beijing Olympics as an example to prove the colorful Netnews and the interactive behaviors of different media.Chapter 4 pointed out the problems came along with the network convergence journalism. False and infringement news are perennial difficult problems since the day 1 of Netnews, it didn't change in the Web2.0 era. With the application of Web2.0, new problem appears in the convergence journalism, three of them were discussed in this chapter: photo video violence,"person search"and network copyright. The latter of this chapter analyze the reason of these problems in the angle of network communication mode and social dramaturgical theory, pointed out that the media literacy of the audience are not good enough. Chapter 5 discussed the coping strategy of network convergence journalism. This chapter proposed strategies in three aspects: the press, public policy and media literacy education. In the angle of the press, this essay analyzed the press discipline in China and foreign country, pointed out the importance of press discipline. In the angle of public policy, this article pointed out the barrier of"three-net convergence", gave the advices of relax policy to encourage the convergence. As to the part of literacy education, this article introduced the history and current situation in the west countries, demonstrated that the media literacy of our audience were not good enough, the media literacy education didn't get much attention, proved the feasibility and necessity of launching media literacy education widely, pointed out that the improvement of audience's media literacy is the important way to improve the Web2.0 Netnews communication environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Web2.0, Convergence journalism, Three-net convergence, Internet copyright, Media literacy
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