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Research On The Content And Pattern Of Convergence Journalism About Shanghai World Expo

Posted on:2012-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of information and communication technology and the promotion of the"Three Networks Convergence"policy, media Integration is a major trend in media development. Prior to the opening of the Shanghai World Expo, China's media formed an alliance, which jointly reports the World Expo by breaking the restriction of media categories, industries and regions. The alliance was a strategic integration among China's media old and new on major news event. It has injected the idea of"Convergence Journalism"to the World Expo, and has brought a significant impact on the content, the operation mode and the diffusion subject of the World Expo report. Outside the alliance, a number of media also jointly report the World Expo through the newspaper, TV and the Internet, which gain outstanding performance in Expo report. At the same time, new media became a large platform for jointly report of Expo and provided the innovation of resource sharing and convergence journalism with the medium atmosphere which owns the features of good sharing and interactive participation.This article gives an in-depth investigation into the content and the operation mode of the convergence journalism from the Expo report given by each medium through some analysis methods such as qualitative methods and quantitative methods. The content of convergence journalism in Expo presents the following features: (1) the convergence journalism is diverse; (2) the service and knowledge news is popular; (3) pictures and videos are also popular; (4) the live broadcast is normalized; (5) the experience report is prominent. Meanwhile, the theme of convergence journalism reports involves the following features: (1)the theme of integration of convergence journalism consistent with the media operation of agenda setting between medias ; (2) the receive of the news among the audience is consistent with the"Uses and Gratification"theory. Based on the operation mode of the convergence journalism, combined with McLuhan's "The medium is the message" theory, master the operation mode of media convergence and its influence on changes in the concept of news dissemination. Through the event that China's media attempt and explore the convergence journalism during this Expo, grasp the communication features of convergence Journalism reports, and offer reference for the media grasping the convergence Journalism and its operation in the process of media convergence in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Media Convergence, Convergence Journalism, "Uses and Gratification", Triple Play, Experience report
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