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A Study On Reporting Process Of Convergence Journalism

Posted on:2014-04-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2268330422465087Subject:Press and Communication
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With the development of science and technology as well as the change of news media environment and channels for audience to get news, the media pattern has also witnessed dramatic change. The world major news groups are gradually making innovation and regard development of new media as strategic focus of communications development. The development of new media promotes the traditional media to actively seek new development, and the traditional media and the emerging media learn from and integrate with each other, embarking on the road of media convergence, which is gradually becoming a global trend. China is not an exception of course, and different media have also begun to seek path for media convergence in order to adapt to the changing media patterns and enhance the competitiveness of media.The media convergence has changed news production process dramatically, and the production process should reflect the functions of news resources management and business co-ordination. In the aspects of news and information gathering, the editorial department can obtain news clues through different channels and determine news topic in a unified platform; in terms of news production, news reporters can achieve sharing of information resources and audits of news products through a unified information processing platform; in the aspects of news release and dissemination, it should achieve multi-platform optimized dissemination; after the release of news, it is necessary to know audience’s reaction to the released news and also make responses accordingly through audience feedback platform.This paper, aiming at convergence practice, adopts literature research method to have a comprehensive and systematical understanding of research situation about convergence journalism process; it makes a horizontal comparison between the current situations of convergence journalism of China and foreign countries, and a vertical comparison of development of Chinese news process in different periods; this paper, assisted by case study method, also makes an investigation and analysis on convergence journalism event report in order to make it clear of the order of different media reports and the influence of media cooperation and convergence on news events in the process of occurrence of news events. All in all, the author intends to analyze and discuss the change of convergence journalism process in a omonimedia era from such four aspects as the change of convergence journalism reporting process, the role change of convergence journalism, re-creation of convergence journalism reporting process and guarantee of convergence journalism reporting process; moreover, it attempts to explore a relatively clear editorial process through analysis of domestic and foreign news convergence cases.
Keywords/Search Tags:Convergence jouanalism, Omnimedia group, Convergence editor, Convergence process
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