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Analyze And Design News Gathering And Editing System Based On Media Convergence

Posted on:2018-05-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330512981807Subject:Software engineering
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At present,with the integration development of traditional media and new media,the news industry in our country has been developed rapidly under the application of Internet technology,and has produced many new presentation methods of news.However,the collecting and publishing technology of news need to continue to improve,these problems are urgently solved in the news industry.First of all,multi-channel collection of materials can achieve timeliness of news.Secondly,user platforms are more diversification.So it is extremely important to release news on multi-platforms.The news industry put forward the requirements of the new generation,which is in urgent need of a set of multi-channel material editing and multi-platform news sharing system.This paper analyzes demand of Shan Dong Shunnet Media Company,and designs news gathering and editing system based on media convergence.The system is realized by using advanced computer technology.The process is developed by using Yii2 framework,and using the Bootstrap front-end technology to realize the interface response layout.What's more,it can use crawler technology to collect online Web news,and use ElasticSearch distributed real-time analysis of search engines to search for material and articles.This system has successfully realized the actual needs of the modern news industry.It can be flexible and efficient collection of major site's Web news as material.Reporters can through the computers and mobile terminals upload the new material which he has been interviewed.Readers contribute by intelligent mobile phone or WeChat.The editors write articles in the system according to the information supplied by the reporters,then editors save these articles and submit to audit staff.If these articles are not qualified,then it will be returned to the editor.Editors modify these unqualified articles.Qualified articles are published on the selected platform.Through one-time editing,released to multi-platform.Through the test of the system,it can run safely under the corresponding operating environment.The system uses the Internet and mobile terminals for news material collection,editing and reading as a breakthrough,and promotes the news periodical's network process,what's more,it improved the efficiency and management level of news communication.
Keywords/Search Tags:media convergence, news gathering, Yii2, Web crawler, ElasticSearch
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