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Difficulties And Possibilities Of Practicing Convergence Journalism

Posted on:2017-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Convergence journalism is a branch of media convergence in the field of application of journalism. In recent years, media convergence process go more and more further, so that convergence journalism become a hot research object at home and in abroad, the practice exploration and theoretical study was at full blast in this field. With the continuous development of new technology, traditional media have begun to find new survival under competitive pressures, and have started to use new technology practicing convergence journalism.In this paper, the author use four new media platforms("Jiangsu news" official weibo、"Jiangsu news" official WeCha、"Jiangsu Television Network" and "Litchi news" APP) as the research case in JSBC Group, exploring their transformation of convergence journalism under media convergence, and analyzing the production process and current situation of convergence journalism for these new media platforms, discussing how do these new-medias practicing convergence journalism and what difficulties they faced by. Using the theory tool of Disruptive Innovation to find the reason why they are in trouble of convergence journalism, and trying to taking some measures. Through personally entering into the news-room to do field observation and in-depth interviews, the author hopes to analyzing the dilemma of traditional media’s practice in convergence journalism, making some measures and providing a case of practice value for traditional media who wants to do convergence journalism.The paper is divided into five parts, the first part is the research background、 research questions and research methods, stating the convergence journalism and disruptive innovation theories, and summarizing the results of domestic and foreign study on both of them. The second is the case study part, analyzing the JSBC’s convergence journalism practices and present situations. The third part is in combination with disruptive innovation theories, finding the reasons what make convergence journalism in dilemma. The forth part is to using disruptive innovation tools to find some measures. The fifth part is the conclusion of this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:convergence journalism, disruptive innovation, news production
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