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Research On The Improvement Of Customer Requirements Management Of Software Project In D Company

Posted on:2022-08-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y B FuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2518306527954039Subject:Master of business administration
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The continuous progress of information technology and increasing popularity of domestic information construction promote the rapid development of the software industry.In recent years,the number of software enterprises has increased year by year,and computer software has penetrated into many industries in the society.Kinds of software systems for industry applications have been further promoted and used.Meanwhile,with the popularization and improvement of software system,the continuous improvement of customers' information level,and the continuous exploration requirements for their own management work,customers put forward more kinds of requirements for their software system construction.The focus on market demand has changed to customer requirement in software projects,and customer requirement management in software projects has become more important.For software projects,requirements management has become an important work in the whole project life cycle.Problems such as incomplete requirement research,inaccurate requirement definition,and ineffective control of requirement changes have become the main reasons for the failure of project delivery.Many domestic software enterprises have realized the importance of requirements management in software projects processing.However,in actual projects implementation,it is difficult to standardize Requirement management and put it into effect,due to limited project resources,tight project duration and poor customer cooperation.As a result,project acceptance is ineffective,project managemer and developers are tired,customer satisfaction is low,and the quality of software delivery is seriously affected.In this paper,the author selects D company as the research object,and studys the company's requirements management issues.Firstly,the author analyzes the company's requirements management status,and then analyses the problems in requirements management as follows:(1)Requirements investigation is not in-depth and customer needs are missing;(2)Requirements analysis is inadequate,and there is a deviation from the real needs;(3)Requirements documents is not standardized;(4)Communication with customers in the development process is ignored;(5)Frequent requirements change leads to project delay.Next,the auther analyzes reasons of problems above:(1)Insufficient attention to requirements management;(2)professional personnel is needed;(3)The requirements management process is imperfect;(4)Without good communication mechanism;(5)Lacke of admission control for requirements change.In view of the above problems,combined with Requirements Engineering Theory,CMMI and other requirements management and practical theory,it puts forward the improvement scheme,including rising the attention of requirements investigation,strengthening the building of requirements team,improving the requirements management process,establishing requirements feedback and communication mechanism,adopting advanced management tools,etc.The author expects that the requirements management of D company can be improved through this study,also it can be helpful to promote the requirements management for other enterprises in the industry,so as to improve the quality of software projects and the delivery level of software projects continuously.
Keywords/Search Tags:Software Project, Customer Requirement, Requirement Management, Requirement Change
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