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Optimization Research On Management Of Software Project Change Requirement In A Company

Posted on:2018-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z C WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330536452798Subject:Engineering Management
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With computer and informational technical development,the software requirements change more and more complicated,the scope change bigger and bigger.In this social situation,dealing with the change of software project requirements become the main daily work in the Software Business Center of A company.Recently project requirements change frequently,it waste most of human and material resources.So how to reduce the influence which generates by requirements change as low as possible.This thesis starts to analyze from the current status of A company's software project requirements change,finding that A company's software project requirements change much frequently and the flow of changing requirements is not standard.For the current problem,first we collect which factors produce these issues by brainstorming and questionnaire;Then after analyze these factors and combine relevant theory,bring forward these below optimization solution about requirement change management.In order to reduce not necessary requirement change happen,after reference the PMBOK's theory of project communicational management,train the relevant employee how to communication in requirement change;the next based on current flow of changing requirements,and reference the theory of CMMI requirement change management,Optimize this flow;once again use making Tag in requirement change tool which named SVN for saving documents which generate by each requirement change;After that reference the theory of CMMI quantization management,bring forward four quantization quota to measure requirement change;At last by using this new software requirement change management solution in a project,it tests and verifies this solution is possible and efficiently.Thesis structure is as blow,first chapter introduction;Second chapter relevant theory summary;Third chapter introduce the current status of software project requirement change in A company and analyze current issue;The forth chapter discuss the optimize solution of project change requirement management in A compan y.The fifth chapter put this optimize solution into effect in a project of A company.
Keywords/Search Tags:Software project change requirement, Requirement communication, flow control of changing requirement
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