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Research On Demand Management Of Salary Software CA

Posted on:2019-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2438330566969759Subject:Project management
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With the rapid development of Internet,many kinds of software appear in people's life and work.At the same time,with the continuous progress of software technology,it is also promoting the update and iteration of software products.The demand for software is increasing and new demands are constantly emerging,which makes the work of software requirement more difficult and complex.Nowadays,whether we can do the job well becomes more and more important.It not only determines customer satisfaction,but also presents the core competitiveness of an enterprise.Therefore,this article will make a thorough research on the whole process of requirement engineering based on the actual project.The CA project product of S company has been unable to meet the growing demand of customers because of its old technical architecture and slow function update.At the beginning of 2016,the director of the company decided to restructure the whole product line,including updating the technical architecture,rearranging the user requirements to restructure the product function.The company's previous business is mainly based on technology maintenance and customer service,and lacks experience for requirement development and management.There is no scientific requirements development and management process yet.This article will focus on a series of needs work of the CA project,and try to find a set of requirements engineering methods that can be used in practice.Based on the research of requirement engineering theory at home and abroad,this article makes further research on the development and management of software requirements.Starting from the requirements acquisition,requirements analysis,and requirements management of CA project,we put forward reasonable solutions according to the actual situation,and implement the solutions proposed in this article in CA project.First of all,on issues of how to get requirements,we will define the object scope of requirement acquisition and optimize the way of requirement investigation,record and feedback,and ultimately improve the quality of users' original requirements.Secondly,in the process of requirements analysis,we will scientifically use the KANO model to analyze the content of requirement,and improve the final requirements analysis results by using Delphi method and A/B Test,so as to improve the quality of the whole software project.Finally,in the process of project implementation,we will make strict restrictions on requirement change,including strategy level,document level and process level.The final purpose is to ultimately promote the success of the entire CA software project.
Keywords/Search Tags:Requirement Management, Requirement Change, Requirement Development, Requirement Analysis, KANO Model
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