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The Structure And Practice Analysis Of The Telecommunication Enterprise Financial Sharing Center

Posted on:2019-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Shared Services can be generally recognized as the definition in the book of Essentials of Shared Services authored by Bryan Bergeron,where he explained that Shared Services is a sort of cooperative strategy that enterprises will centralize part of their existing business functions on a new semi-autonomous business unit.The aim of Shared Services is to improve efficiency,create value,save costs and improve the service quality of internal customers.Shared Services is not only closely related to centralized management and business process outsourcing but they also have differences from one another.The efficiency of financial management in moderm enterprises is very essential for cost control,profit enhancement and competitiveness improvement.But at present,many enterprises still adopt the ways of financial decentralization management along with financial accounting management,rather than a way of overall financial management,which directly give bad effects to the operation and strategic development of their enterprises.The purpose of this paper is to provide reference experience for domestic telecom enterprises and other enterprises' financial shared services and financial management transformation by means of studying a telecom enterprise organizational structure of financial shared services system after two years' operation in province A.This paper will make it clear that what the construction background is and how its construction steps and ideas worked in telecom enterprise in Province A from the perspective of financial shared services system.Then according to the existing problems,this paper will put forward more effective measures.This paper holds the opinion that the enterprise's financial shared services platform is an essential direction for the development of the financial management of the telecom group,but it is necessary to solve the optimization and adjustment problems of the organizational structure,business process and internal control process problems of the enterprise so as to make full use of the comprehensive financial management function of the financial shared services platform and improve the overall financial management performance.In the background of the establishment of a Financial Sharing Service Centre for large enterprises worldwide,the relevant theories of the financial shared services model are collated and studied in this paper.Meanwhile,this paper will pull in a telecom enterprise in province A as a case.In the first part,this paper will combine and refer to the guiding ideology of the provincial level sharing mode of telecom group construction,take the current situation of financial management and enterprise management as the focus of telecom enterprise in province A,and combine with the present situation of the enterprise to clarify the cause and necessity,selection of patterns,the establishment of the structure of building the financial shared services Center.In the meantime the current status of financial shared services at the provincial level will be mentioned.Then analyze its current situation and operation effect during the two years.In the following part,this paper will point out some problems occurred in the process of the operation and analyze the cause of these problems from the perspective of service support,internal supervision and internal control,system process and integration of business and finance.In the last part,this paper will be targeted to find the ways of operation optimization of financial shared services Center,and put forward feasible optimization suggestions and solutions.After that,this paper will refine the whole paper and forecast the future development trend of the financial shared services mode through the case analysis of telecom enterprise in province A.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shared Services, financial shared services Centre(FSSC), service support, internal supervision, integration of business and finance
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