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S Telecom Company Financial Shared Services System Research

Posted on:2016-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330485985104Subject:Senior managers of business administration (EMBA)
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From the nineties of the 20 th century,with the globalization of economy and the development of information technology, the scale of enterprise enlarged,which makes the rules of business units different and the service procedure lack of standardization. And this produces more problems to the enterprise management and enforced the intergration of the enterprise’s structure. Thus, the shared finance service emerged. With the reengineering and the standardizaiton of the finance business,as a new management mode of resource consolidation, the shared finance service can raise the targets of cost-saving, customer’s satisfaction, the improvement of serive quality and service efficiency. Nowadays, the shared finance service is extensive used by overseas multinational corporation and also be proved to be effective. Though the concept was introduced to China lately, it was acceptted by more and more companies.On the theoretical research and practical basis,my paper is firstly analyze the malpractice of traditional financial management of S common carrier and the necessity of shared financial service, then summarize how to make up the rules of shared financial service and describe its effect of S common carrier,and lastly show its development in future.With analytical comparison, generalization and summarization, qualitative analysis, and theoretical and empirical analysis, my focus is as below:1. It is to show the malpractice of traditional financial management of S common carrier and the demand of shared finance serive. To explain the effect of the shared finance service on the transition of financial management. To raise the point of synchronous push of the whole financial transition.This idea can help financial transiton of the telecommunication companies.2. With the combination of shared service theory and the characteristics of telecommunication companies, it is to analyze the shaered finance serive of S common carrier from the aspects of organizational structure, business procedure system, bill management system, quality system and Performance Management System.3.It is to show the flowchart and procedures of shared fiance serive of S common carrier.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shared finance service, demand analysis, shared service effect
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