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Bibliographic Evaluation Of Reading Therapy With Introduction Of Physiological Indicators

Posted on:2020-01-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330596991620Subject:Library and file management
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The bibliography serves as an important basis and guarantee for the bibliotherapy.The quality of the book selection directly determines the efficacy of reading therapy.The continuous development of the theory and practice of bibliotherapy has generated a large number of reading therapy bibliography,which have led to the thinking and exploration of the efficacy and evaluation of a variety of bibliographic books.In addition,physiological indicators have been deeply studied by scholars at home and abroad,and applied to many fields such as emotion recognition and psychological assessment.Therefore,the introduction of physiological indicators into the research practice of reading therapy,and the evaluation of bibliotherapy bibliography based on human physiological indicators have certain theoretical significance and practical basis.Based on the theory and thoughts of bibliotherapy psychology principles,emotional dimension theory and the theory of “full evaluation”and other theories,this study takes the college students as the research object to carry out the research on the bibliographic evaluation of reading therapy that introduce of physiological indicators.The main research contents include:(1)Evaluation research on bibliographic feature dimension.Through the literature research,the bibliographic results of the existing research on reading therapy are reviewed and analyzed.Under the guidance of relevant theories,the evaluation indexes of the internal and external features of the reading therapy bibliography are summarized,and the evaluation research based on the internal and external features of the bibliography is realized.(2)Evaluation research on psychological perception dimension.Innovative introduction of physiological indicators to carry out bibliotherapy experiments for college students,collecting physiological index data of readers' heart rate(HR),blood volume pulse(BVP)and skin electricity(SC)during reading intervention period,and then analyzing readers' psychological perception Obtain evaluation indexes of bibliographic attraction,bibliographic pleasure and bibliographic arousal,and realizeevaluation research based on psychological perception of bibliographic reading.(3)Evaluation research on content function dimension.The feedback evaluation data of the reading therapy experimental subjects on the bibliographic content function were obtained through interviews,and the feedback data were qualitatively analyzed under the guidance of grounded theory,and the evaluation indexes of the two core categories of the intrinsic elements and functional elements of the bibliographic content function were obtained,so as to realize the evaluation research based on the bibliographic content function.Finally,under the guidance of the principle of bibliographic evaluation model construction,by analyzing the relationship between the three dimensions of bibliographic characteristics,psychological perception and content function,the three dimensions are combined to construct the basic model of reading therapy bibliographic evaluation.Based on the “full evaluation” theory and the “book-side compatibility theory”,the basic model deformation of bibliographic evaluation for different situations is realized to better apply to the specific practice of reading therapy bibliographic evaluation;In addition,the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions for the library's evaluation of reading therapy bibliography were put forward.The evaluation of reading therapy bibliography can provide guidance for the selection of reading therapy bibliography in the early stage,the adjustment of reading therapy bibliography in the middle stage and the summary and reference of reading therapy bibliography in the later stage.It runs through the whole process of reading therapy and plays a positive role in promoting the application of reading therapy in libraries.
Keywords/Search Tags:reading therapy, physiological indicators, bibliographic features, psychological perception, bibliographic evaluation
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