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Empirical Study On The Quality Evaluation Of Related Bibliographic Data Based On SPARQL

Posted on:2020-11-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330578473627Subject:Books intelligence
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The rapid development of information is a major feature of the current information age.People are increasingly aware of the great value of information,and at the same time realize the importance of organizing and opening up information.In addition,the media is more and more developed,and all kinds of original information have been spread.On this basis,how to obtain the accurate information that they need in the complicated and redundant information has become an urgent problem to be solved.As a collection and dissemination of information,libraries have increasingly increased their social responsibilities.The original intention of the invention of bibliographic data is to allow users to better find the information they need.Associated bibliographic data is a major breakthrough in the environment of the library.Linked bibliographic data is a way to publish traditional MARC metadata as associated data on the World Wide Web,making it a machine-readable way.Not only can the library's collections be opened to a wide range of users,but it can also be improved.Utilization,so that more information is discovered and utilized by readers.As the basis for the library to provide users with the literature,the quality of the associated bibliographic data largely affects the reader's experience.Therefore,the publication of high-quality related bibliographic data is the basis and premise for ensuring that library documents are more efficiently used by users.This paper summarizes the definitions of related data and related bibliographic data concepts by domestic and foreign scholars.In addition,it also summarizes the relevant research results of the scholars' evaluation of the quality of related data,among which the Zaveri team of the Institute of Information,University of Leipzig,Germany The research on data quality evaluation system is the main one.On this basis,combined with the characteristics of related bibliographic data,a related bibliographic data control system is proposed.According to the specific evaluation indicators proposed,the SPARQL Editor automated statistics and manual statistics are combined to analyze the existing related bibliographic data.To provide reference and reference for ensuring the release of high-quality related bibliographic data in China.Through the evaluation of the BNB of the British Library,the BNF of the NationalLibrary of France,and the National Library of Japan,the advantages and disadvantages of each of them are analyzed,and based on this,the quality control reference for the publication of library related bibliographic data is provided.It is hoped that through the research in this paper,the organizations that have published relevant bibliographic data can be referenced and optimized,and they can have a reference and enlightenment for the organizations that have not yet published relevant bibliographic data,and provide for the publication of high-quality related bibliographic
Keywords/Search Tags:Related bibliographic data, Indicator system, Evaluation tool, Case evaluation
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