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Application Of BIBFRAME In Chinese Bibliographic Description Environment

Posted on:2019-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330548967629Subject:Information Science
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CNMARC,as the main format of Chinese bibliographic data,has long achieved not only the standardization of the structure of the machine-readable catalog format,but also the exchange and sharing of bibliographic resources.However,with the explosive development of the Internet and the continuous advancement of computer technology,the library field has ushered in new opportunities and challenges.The disadvantages of the traditional library bibliographic data format CNMARC in the Semantic Web are becoming more and more obvious,which is reflected in the accumulation of data elements,limited data structures,and low ability to retrieve network resources.The bibliographic framework BIBFRAME put forward by the US Congress Library in 2011 is a substitute for the MARC in the new era.It will become the next generation internationally accepted bibliographic data format in the future.At present,there are many practical examples of the implementation of BIBFRAME in foreign countries.China should also comply with this general trend,promote the application research of BIBFRAME in the Chinese bibliographic data environment.Therefore,it is very important to discuss the general method of converting the bibliographic data in CNMARC format into BIBFRAME format.Through the research of BIBFRAME,this article summarizes the general method of BIBFRAME application into CNMARC bibliographic description environment,and hopes to provide support for the distribution,sharing and integration of collection resources in the Internet era.The content of the article is divided into six parts:The first part discusses the research background of this article in the introduction.This part systematically reviews the research of BIBFRAME at home and abroad,and introduces the research objectives,research significance,research methods,research routes,etc.The second part discusses some basic concepts related to research topics.It analyzes the characteristics of the Chinese-language data under the CNMARC format and the related concepts of the BIBFRAME bibliographic framework such as model structure and vocabulary,for the purpose of leading a solid foundation for the thesis from the theoretical perspective.The third part analyzes the necessity and feasibility of this research.The fourth part of this paper focuses on the general model of BIBFRAME application into CNMARC bibliographic description environment.To begin with,CNMARC is used as the source metadata and BIBFRAME is the target metadata.The"CNMARC bibliographic data and BIBFRAME element mapping table" is created to provide the basis for mapping analysis.Then it discusses the methods of ontology construction and bibliographic data serialization;Through the example of the "Silk Road" bibliographic data,the fifth part discusses and validates the reasonableness and validity of the general method of application of BIBFRAME into the CNMARC bibliographic description environment.The sixth part is the conclusion of the article.This part summarizes the research content of this article and looks forward to the future development of the research topic.
Keywords/Search Tags:BIBFRAME, Library, Linked Data, Bibliographic Data
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