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The Quality Control And Evaluation Of Linked Bibliographic Data

Posted on:2017-11-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330512451282Subject:Books intelligence
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With the rapid development of information society,the rapid increase in the number of the published literature,the more complex types of data,spread faster and stronger timeliness,the utilization of the literature resources is more difficult.Nowadays,libraries in various countries have transfer library resources from offline to online by publishing the linked bibliographic data,providing users with the latest and most complete library resources.The linked bibliographic data can be a tool for machine readable bibliographic data,it is an important basis for the digital library to provide readers with the literature.Its quality influences the degree of the reader's use.Therefore,it is the premise and foundation of the effective use of the literature to ensure the quality of linked bibliographic data.According to the structure framework of the linked bibliographic data,this dissertation analyzes its process and the significance of each step of the process,lays the foundation for the publishing of the data to control and evaluate step by step.Through the analysis of the quality index of the linked data,the publication of the library linked bibliography data and the life cycle of the data management,this dissertation carries on detailed analysis and description to the technical index control in the process of publishing the linked bibliography data,puts forward the data quality control system and evaluation system of linked bibliography data.It provides the references for the quality control of Chinese libraries's linked bibliography data by comparing the evaluation of the British Library's BNB,the OCLC's WorldCat and the United States Library of Congress's BIBFRAME.The linked bibliography data realize the sharing of resources and the linking of technology between the library bibliographic data with external data resources.It not only supplies and extends the collection resources as well as provides a way to achieve rich and standardized data network resources,to provide users with more efficient services,to increase its social value.The objective is to promote the publication of domestic linked bibliographic data,and publishing high quality data.
Keywords/Search Tags:Linked bibliographic data, Index system, Quality Control, Data model
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