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Converting Bibliographic Information Into Linked Data Based On BIBFRAME

Posted on:2017-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z ChangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330485987163Subject:Information Science
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In the last ten years, the digital information resources have made a tremendous change in its quantity, type, the way of use and organizational patterns. These changes have brought more difficulties to consume information. Since the concept of semantic web has been put forward, the semantic resources gradually get researcher’s recognition because of its advantages. Meanwhile, as a lightweight implementation of semantic web, the linked data has become a very important research subject.Based on this background, the paper explores the method about converting bibliography information into linked data based on BIBFRAME. This article is mainly composed by five parts. First, the paper introduces some basic information,such as the background of this research, the significance of the article, the related research of this topic and so on. Second, the paper discusses some basic concepts,such as the MARC’s closeness, the BIBFRAME, the difference between BIBFRAME and MARC and so on. This part is the basic theory of the main research contents.Third, the paper puts forward the basic method about converting bibliography information into linked data. In this part, the paper discusses the structure of RDF files based on BIBFRAME model and analyzes the mapping between BIBFRAME and MARC. Fourth, the paper discusses the realization about converting bibliographic information into linked data based on BIBFRAME. In this part, the paper mainly analyzes a valid RDF file, and discusses the relevance between such files. The fifth part is the conclusion of the article. This part summarizes the contents of this paper and prospects the future of this research subject.
Keywords/Search Tags:library data, bibliography information, linked data, bibframe
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