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The Study Of Basing On DDC-CLC Mapping For Publishing Chinese And English Bibliographic Data To Linked Data

Posted on:2019-04-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330551959945Subject:Books intelligence
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With the advent of new technology related data and the semantic web,the associated data has increasingly become a hot topic in network era research,it breaks through the traditional heterogeneous,distributed and closed data collection form,plays a vital role in the field of semantic web,attracted much attention at home and abroad.As a cultural carrier,bibliographic information resources inherit the historical culture and spirit of each era,which is the spiritual food for every reader.Library as an important place for bibliographic resources,how to make full use of bibliographic resources and how to remain invincible in the Internet age,which has always been the primary concern of libraries.At present,bibliographic resources can only link one single language of single data,and can not meet the readers' actual retrieval requirements.Every library has its own cataloguing standards and principles for bibliographic information resources at home and abroad,so the bibliographic information resources are isolated from each other.The development of linked data provides an opportunity for this.This paper attempts to link the bibliographic information resources of two languages,and complete the "one-stop" retrieval needs of users in the same system.In this regard,The first is to introduce the purpose and significance of the research,the research methods and innovations involved in the paper,and summarize the research status of bibliographic records and related data both at home and abroad.The second chapter generalizes the bibliography,bibliographic records and bibliographic records including relevance,mapping and related data,and summarizes the development at home and abroad.The third chapter introduces the difference between DDC and CLC two kinds of classification method,the mathematical class of two kinds of classification mapping,and the two categories set the similarities and differences in analysis,summarizes the implementation method of the mathematics class and related process;The fourth chapter is understanding between Drupaltools and analyze the link data of their own characteristics and propertiesd,and is the construction of Chinese and English bibliographic information resource data model,the bibliographic data of RDF,the last class matching based on Drupal through connection;The last chapter summarizes the research contents and research methods,and further clarifies the purpose and significance of this topic and the effect of practical application in the future.At the same time,the deficiency in the study of this topic is summarized,which lays the foundation for the later research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Bibliographic records, Mapping, Linked data, Drupal
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