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Research On Publishing Chinese Ancient Books Bibliographic Data To Linked Data

Posted on:2017-07-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L BaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330512950110Subject:Library science
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With the advent of the Semantic Web,Linked Data as an important application,a simplified implementation,an important branch of the Semantic Web,has been highly concerned and researched,and put into practice.As China's unique resources,Chinese ancient books play a inestimable historical role in literature or information recording and cultural transmission and bearing.As confluence place of Chinese ancient books,it is an obligatory social responsibility and historic mission for library to better promote the use of the Chinese ancient books.Currently ancient books bibliographic data in the library is encoded using the MARC format,which can not be good for open and public use owing to the identifiers and access protocols adopted.Proposition of Linked Data and successful applications in the field of libraries in foreign countries provide a good lesson for our libraries to open CNMARC cataloging bibliographic data.Therefore,this article has mainly made an overall summary on the background,the domestic and foreign linked data research development,the research methods and innovations and research contents in the first chapter;then the second chapter makes a comb on research object Chinese ancient books from its development,distribution and characteristics as well as Chinese ancient books cataloging development course,cataloging items and the present situation,and summarized achievements and problems on the construction of Chinese ancient books bibliographic databases;to make better use of Chinese ancient books bibliographic databases and solve the existing problems,the emergence of Linked Data provides a new way to solve these problems,so the third chapter of this article makes a detail introduction on Linked Data theory,principles and publishing methods;the fourth chapter describes the mechanism of open source software "Drupal" to publish Chinese ancient books bibliographic data to Linked Data in detail;the fifth chapter introduces the procedures of publishing Chinese ancient books bibliographic data to Linked Data by Drupal mainly from the data modeling,data RDFify,data linking,data open query in detail;the last chapter summarizes the problems encountered in the process of publishing Chinese ancient books bibliographic data to Linked Data as well as the future direction of development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese ancient books, bibliographic data, linked data, Drupal, CNMARC
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