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Development And Changes Of People's Daily Conference News About NPC&CPPC Under The Convergence Circumstance From 2014-2017

Posted on:2019-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This study focus on the development and changes of meeting news made by People's Daily which happens under the journalism convergence circumstance.The following are the main changes of People's Daily conference meeting reports:a)People's Daily develops multimedia system and digital technology to help journalists gathering information quickly.b)People's Daily uses new editing methods to product conference news with text,images,video,graphics,H5,GIF and games to combine conference reports in convergence ways.c)People ' s Daily try to broad the dissemination ways and spread conference news to variety ways including Weibo,Wechat,APP and foreign media,paying attention to interact with users.In the first chapter of this Paper,I have analyzed the theoretical and practical significance of this project,and reviewed academic papers related.The traditional studies focused on the content and technique of news production.Only few of them focused on the theoretical convergence problems.This paper shows the traditional and modern progress of the National People's Congress and the Chinese Political Consultative Conference(NPC&CPPCC)production of People's Daily,and reveals the changes of the three parts systematically.In the second chapter of this Paper,I have analyzed conference news production patterns of tradition and convergence ways.The traditional way to product news was in one-direction with simple method.In this way.People's Daily made conference news only with text,few pictures which were tedious and dull.Otherwise,in convergence ways of conference news production,the media makes a cycle to product news more quickly and vivid.This pattern pays a lot attention to audiences'demand and spread news in modern media,such as Weibo,WeChat,APP.Facebook.Twitter and other foreign media.In the third chapter of this Paper,I have studied the convergence way People ' s Daily to gather information of two sessions news.The multimedia is under the control of a command center to make each part run well.It uses big-data technology to analyze and write news in order to make conference news more attractive.What's more,it uses modern tools such as Google Glasses,Insta1360 cameras,Camera Drones and Roberts to cover conference news.This improves both the timeliness and accuracy of the news report,attracting users with rich content.In the fourth chapter of this Paper,I have studied the convergence way People 's Daily to edit.In recent years,the media has developed advanced technologies to combine conference news information,giving users news work with charts,short videos,H5,games and other forms which attract users a lot and make political conference news more interesting.In the fifth chapter of this Paper,I have analyzed the way People's Daily to deliver news under the convergence circumstance.The media gives more attention to understand the value demand of audience.With the help of technology,the media can disseminate news by Weibo,Wechat,APP and so on which benefits a lot for its young users.Meanwhile,the media also cooperate with overseas media to satisfy international users,such as Facebook,Twitter,foreign channels and so on.These actions do promote China's influence.Convergence will be the main subject in a long period and the media hasn't found some effective ways to make transitional changes quickly recently.Some issues do expose.It comes out the same quality news,the conflict between the new system and previous one,the bad combination of news and technology.There is no successful model for Chinese media to follow,and there is no one who knows the right ways to transform.But People's Daily still spares its no effort to make progress,to provide good news,to satisfy users which sets an example for national media.
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