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Marx "People Journalism" Ideas And Realistic Meaning Of His Journalism

Posted on:2012-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M J YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395468625Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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This study explores and research in detail on the thinking of Marx "People journalism" on the basis of the existing study. Marx’s original work, his related articles, and biography etc. have been integrated, and his early activity of journalism has been organized systematically. According to a large number of historical facts, it seess through the appearance, summarizes the thinking of Marx "People journalism", and inducts the successful experience and realistic meaning of his journalism.Youth Marx’s thinking and opinion on newspaper is the foundational parts of the Marxist view of journalism as well as source. From journalism perspective, the practice of journalism of youth Marx refers to the period from Marx’s graduated in1841to he left Pairs for Brussels in1845. There into,"Attacked the feudal books examination system"、"As a newspaper editor of Reminisce Zeitung"、and "Found German yearbook" were the important stage of youth Marx’s journalism practice. Meanwhile, Marx "People journalism" or the theory of free publications. It was a new theory that was created by his personal practice, contacting with the society, criticizing and assimilating the formers’and contemporaries’idea and his own fighting practice. It is a first step as well as an important step to study Max’s theory of people’s journalism and research the establishment and development of Marxist journalism.Marx wrote countless books, and almost of them were written accompanied by journalism work. There were12journals which he created, edited and participated in editing, and200newspaper offices which used to contribute for him (including the remote South African newspaper) during his life time.1500newspaper offices (including Jingo newspaper in Qing dynasty) were mentioned in their writings, and the main mass media in Europe and America nearly all of them were mentioned、referenced and assessed. However, it is a pity that there is no book which was written symmetrically left for journalism. But it can’t erase his important role in the history of journalism. This dissertation’s final purposes include:Understanding the destination and direction of founding newspaper, newspaper’s attributes, role, and function, the mission of newspaper, the construction of a team of journalist etc, comprehending the great man’s journalism activity and idea, and discussing its inspiration for journalist.With the practice and development of Marx "People journalism", its thinking has already become a necessary component of proletarian newspapers theory. During the longtime practice, Marx accumulated rich experience of founding journalism; he came up with a systematical idea of journalism. His journalism activity and idea have played an important role on the formation of proletarian ideology as well as the theory. Journalism and mass media in China is proletarian and socialist, it depends on the basis of proletarian journalism ideology and has developed by inheriting Marxist theory of news. Modern journalism and mass media is the mouthpiece of the party and government as well as people’s. Therefore, being practical and realist as the crucial method of evaluating Marx’s people’s journalism, has been particular important. This dissertation carries on a deep research on Marx’s People’s journalism; it combines with current journalism industry in China, and concludes the important realistic guiding mean.
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