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Research On Value Orientation Of People's Daily's Official WeChat From The Perspective Of Convergence News

Posted on:2019-05-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z M ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330545998861Subject:Journalism and Communication
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In the socialist construction of our country,the media,especially the mainstream media,have always played a very important leading role,especially in advocating mainstream culture and forming social consensus.In the era of new media,the mainstream media has always played a major role.In the process of the transformation of mainstream media,although the platform of communication has changed and the form of communication is also changing,the communication of social mainstream value still needs to be carried out.At present,the new mainstream media is still under construction.As People's Daily,which has important influence in our country,the road of media convergence and development has always been in the forefront,and its "microblog wechat and client" have important influence in the new media.The research object of this paper is People's Daily,which is regarded as the most influential group in the WeChat Official account.This paper will mainly discuss how the new media as the mainstream media operate in the aspect of value orientation from the perspective of convergence news.With the continuous development of media technology,there is a situation where various media elements are merged together for news reporting on the Internet,because this kind of news can satisfy the audience's experience in different aspects of perception and perception.In today's social media,convergence news is even more popular,traditional mainstream media in the new media platform also adopt the mode of integrated news news coverage.For mainstream media,On the one hand,we should carry on the correct value orientation,on the other hand,we should adapt to the characteristics of new media dissemination.The report mode of convergence news can provide a kind of buffer for this kind of dilemma choice.Value orientation must be transmitted through news,which must be reflected in content selection and form of expression.In terms of the content orientation of the convergence news,the current political news and social news are taken as reference,and the socialist core values advocated by our country are taken as the reference.It is found that the news content is mostly from the rich,strong,civilized,harmonious national level and patriotic and dedicated.There is little direct expression at the social level,but it is not missing,but in a more invisible way.Convergence news is made up of different media elements,all of which have their own sources.Through the investigation of text,video and pictures,it is found that the convergence news has a high degree of bias in news sources.Especially in favor of newspapers and TV.This aspect reflects the cautious selection of news and the importance of media content from authoritative media on the part of People's Daily on WeChat.Mainstream media undertake the mission of guiding public opinion and disseminating mainstream social values.The mainstream media,represented by People's Daily,on the one hand adhere to the historical mission of value orientation in news reports in new media.On the other hand,it is innovating the way of reporting,which tends to be more equal and popularized.In the view of this article,this is a beneficial attempt made by the state and the media in the face of social development and value diversification.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mainstream media, Convergence News, Value orientation, People's Daily WeChat
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