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Research On The Use Of Classics In People's Daily(2017-2018)

Posted on:2020-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330572981791Subject:Press and Communication
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Since the 18 th national congress of the communist party of China,the style of news commentary in People's Daily has changed abruptly.This change is closely related to the frequent use of Canon in a series of important speeches and articles after xi jinping was elected general secretary at the 18 th CPC national congress.News commentary has always been the banner and soul of the news media,especially the party media.It is also the sword to transmit opinions,guide public opinion and build consensus,and plays the role of mainstay and anchor.Writing news commentary is also an art.On the basis of distinctive viewpoints,profound thoughts and rigorous argumentation,writing news commentary with Canon can add charm,appeal and influence to news commentary with vivid story language and classic allusions.As the party newspaper media in China,People's Daily has taken on the irreplaceable responsibility of spreading positive energy and purifying news and public opinion in the long-term practice and exploration,and its influence is becoming stronger and stronger.This article are famous for their 2017-2018,the People's Daily commentary column "people's editorial" the articles published in people's BBS "as the research object,through to the two comments column in two years is because data analysis,from one side reflect the transformation of the People's Daily commentary writing,as well as in the mouthpiece of the central committee of the communist party of China news public opinion to guide the new trend,and further enhance the propagation force,guiding force and credibility of the news public opinion and influence the beneficial attempt and positive efforts.The research on this topic has some reference significance for the current practice of news commentary.Based on the analysis of 435 "people's BBS" comment columns and 447 "people's comments" in the two years before and after the 19 th CPC national congress,this paper finds that the use of Canon leads the transformation of news review style and becomes the "main force" in the transformation of news review style through text analysis and literature analysis.Writing with the dictionary is more conducive to clearly expressing the author's views in the news commentary,and plays a more incisively and vividly role in the dissemination,guidance and influence of the newscommentary.At the same time,the vivid allusions make the commentary more unique and appealing.Thus,learning to comment on the use of Canon to enhance the effect of commentary,as long as the focus on proper use of Canon,will make the review article shine,otherwise it will be counterproductive.
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