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Research On The People's Daily's Major Theme Report Framework Under The Media Convergence Background

Posted on:2021-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330623968006Subject:Journalism and Communication
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As the authoritative mainstream media in China,People's Daily organizes,plans and reports on major thematic events as its internal requirements and important ways to strengthen the direction of public opinion and enhance its influence.This research combines the current "media convergence" technology environment,taking the People's Daily newspaper,the People's Daily official Weibo,the People's Daily official WeChat public account and the People's Daily mobile phone application as the research objects,using framework theory,using literature research,content analysis and discourse analysis method studies the People 's Daily 's series of reports on the major theme event of the “40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening”,and discusses the People 's Daily 's reporting framework on major theme events and the factors that influence the formation of the framework.It is expected that the mainstream media will give full play to its own advantages when making major thematic reports under the new media environment,and provide reference for enhancing its credibility and guidance.This study combines quantitative research with qualitative research.First,statistics and analysis are conducted from the manuscripts,sources,news topics,etc..Then,cases are selected for further qualitative research according to the needs of the research,and use van Dijk's discourse analysis method to discuss the discourse framework of the sample from three aspects: macro,micro and context.Based on the above analysis,the characteristics of the People's Daily "40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening" reporting framework are summarized,and the influencing factors of its reporting framework are discussed.Through content analysis,it was found that the People 's Daily pays attention to authority when filtering news materials reported by the “40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening”,and each platform has a slight focus.The source of information is mainly authoritative sources such as national leaders and government agencies.,The source of the manuscript combines traditional media and new media.When highlighting a report,according to the characteristics and positioning of each platform,the news material is given different degrees of significance by adjusting the number of reports and the length of the report.When organizing and constructing news reports,both the integrity of the People's Daily brand and the characteristics of each platform are taken into account.The reporting forms are diverse,the discourse style is objective and popular,so that each platform is different,and the overall coordination is unified.Through discourse analysis,it is found that the relevant topics of the People 's Daily are clearly structured,and their positions and opinions are reflected in the wording and implicit meaning used in the report.These reports mainly use rhetoric techniques based on citations and figures.After studying the reporting framework,this study analyzes the results of the reporting framework from the perspective of news production,from the gatekeepers of news material,the news media's news routines,and the external forces experienced by media organizations.Thus,the influential factors of the People's Daily "40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening" reporting framework were discussed.
Keywords/Search Tags:People's Daily, media convergence, major theme reports, reporting framework
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