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Research On The Construction Of Information-based Financial Shared Services Center Of A Group

Posted on:2015-06-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Y LuoFull Text:PDF
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The development of economic globalization promotes countries’ import andexport trade, not only the production elements in the global scope of the flow speed,the economic relations between countries more inseparable. The globalization of theeconomy to transnational corporate business opportunities, as well as businesses withmore intense competition. The early transnational enterprise adopts the localizationstrategy much, compared with easy to manage, but the current transnational enterpriseadopts the global management strategy much, the branch office proliferates worldeach place, the management is difficult. So some western companies pioneered aninnovative management model-shared services management model, which proceedfrom financial shared services at first. The model overcomes these problemsgenerated by the expansion in the scale.By taking the financial shared services as the object, take A group as an example,construct the A group’s Financial Shared Service Center, analyze the problems theChinese enterprises facing, and describes the implementation principles and thespecific program to be followed,in order to provide some experience for theenterprises which are ready to build a shared service center and to point the directionfor the development of financial shared services theory and practice. This article isdivided into six chapters. The main contents are as follows:ChapterⅠ, the introduction. Mainly explain the study background, researchpurpose and mentality, as well as domestic and foreign literature summarize.ChapterⅡ, theoretical basis. This chapter includes three parts: shared services,shared services model theory, financial outsourcing and insourcing. Traditional viewof financial operation and cannot adapt to the development of economic globalization,information platform based on Financial Shared Services emerge as the times requireChapterⅢ, the present situation and existing problems of A group financialmanagement. The first chapter of A group’s existing financial management situation analysis, puts forward the problems of financial management in A group. Facing thechallenge of the enterprise financial management, financial analysis of the necessityof sharing service center construction.Chapter Ⅳ, the Construction of Information-based Financial Shared ServicesCenter. On the whole, organizations, and systems design to specific processes, designof the module.Chapter V, Ensure the implementation of A Group Financial Shared ServiceCenter. The security of Financial Shared Service Center building of enterprise culture,the implementation of the internal control and performance evaluation system.Chapter VI, makes a concise summary of the overall contents.
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