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Design And Research Of Tower Crane Safety Monitoring System Based On Internet Of Things

Posted on:2019-02-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2348330542460737Subject:Information and Communication Engineering
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In recent years,with the rapid development of the construction industry,tower crane is more and more widely applied into construction site.However,due to the tower crane working environment is complex,it is vulnerable to the external environment and its own factors,leading to the frequent occurrence of tower crane safety accidents,not only brings huge economic losses,but also causes many casualties.Therefore,how to use modern information technology to monitor tower crane safety effectively and analyze the major factors that influence the safety of tower crane to prevent the overturning accident of tower crane,is of great significance for improving the safety of construction site.Based on the research of Internet of things technology,this paper designs a tower crane safety monitoring system based on Internet of things.The system is divided into three layers,the perception layer is composed of sensors such as wind speed,inclination,radial truck and so on,they are used to collect the physical quantity information such as wind speed,inclination,radial truck and so on when the tower crane is still in running.The network layer is composed of Zig Bee network,major control module and GPRS network,it is used to realize the wireless transmission of data in Zig Bee network and GPRS network.The application layer of the system is composed of remote monitoring center,it is used to display the real time state information of tower crane.On this basis,the hardware and software functions of the system were designed,and the system is tested in the laboratory and construction site.In order to further analyze the major factors that affect the safety of tower crane,we use the grey correlation analysis theory to analyze the monitoring data of the construction site,the inclination is used as the mapping quantity of tower crane safety,then the correlation degree and weight are calculated among torque,wind speed and other factors,the conclusions are as follows: the torque is the major factor that affect the safety of tower crane,the radial truck,inclination and wind speed are the minor factors,etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:tower crane safety, Internet of things, ZigBee, grey correlation degree, weight
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