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Network Environment, The Quality Control Of Bibliographic Data

Posted on:2009-04-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J C HuiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360242988522Subject:Library science
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With the extensive use of computers and the further development of ICT networks in library management, catalogue business is gradually developing in the direction of standardized, standardization, social networking. Cooperation between the library catalogue and bibliographic resource sharing has become more evident. standardization have brought forward simultaneous resource share to bibliographic more highly demanding. However, due to the complex cataloguing environment and the socialized catalogue body, bibliographic data has appeared mixed with good and bad, In this situation, the study on quality control of bibliographic data has become more urgent and profound meaning, and with social and academic value.The thesis falls into three parts. It begins with an introduction which tells of the study's background, significance, basis for research, essential points, and approaches employed as well as innovative aspects.The second part includes five chapters. Chapter I accounts for the concepts related to bibliography data quality control, its purpose, importance and necessity. Furthermore, the chapter analyzes the production of bibliography data in web-based environment. Based on the analysis of factors influencing bibliography data quality control in web-based environment, chapter II and chapter III elaborate on the main content of bibliography data quality control from four levels: management, technology, personnel, and backing. As far as the factors are concerned, in addition to previous research on technology, the author emphasizes management and humanity levels, especially the contradiction between quality and efficiency. Then the thesis theoretically studies control measures from the above four levels with case study. The key part of the thesis deals with mechanism construction. Chapter IV presents the fundamental principles of bibliography data quality control in web-based environment, that is, system principle, PDCA recycling principle, and 3-phase principle. Chapter V attempts to promote quality control of bibliography data from technological level to management level via micro analysis of control measures to macro analysis of mechanism construction. On the basis of quality education and quality guarantee, constructing quality control mechanism of bibliography data is the ultimate achievement of the research.The concluding part gives an overview of the research and anticipates further study.
Keywords/Search Tags:bibliography data, quality control, control mechanism
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