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Design And Realize Of Securities Trading System And Client Interaction Subsystem

Posted on:2015-12-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2308330473450252Subject:Software engineering
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As the industry infrastructure of securities trading, securities trading system is one of the indicators to measure the level of the development of a country’s securities industry. Because the traditional distributed model of securities trading system which is business-department oriented are of low efficiency, poor stability, easy to result in waste of resources and other issues, it desiderate to transform to the centralized model of securities trading system which rely on electronic and information technology.Based on the characteristics and development status quo of securities trading system, design principles and objectives which are in line with the actual needs is proposed. After that, the securities trading business processes are summarized and combed systematically. To provide the basis for the design of the securities trading system and implementation of its client interaction subsystem, under the guidance of the design principles and the overall business process, the functional requirements and performance requirements of the system are analyzed detailed. In addition, the development environment and runtime environment of the system are analyzed in according with the actual situation. In order to improve the efficiency and quality of services in securities trading industry to meet the growing demand for the industry, a securities trading system based on the centralized model is designed using the Architecture Design Method has been Extended to Method System(ADMEMS) architecture theory and its client interaction subsystem is implemented. To design the system architecture from the overall outlook, its business processes are abstracted and the system is detailed designed based on it by three levels, that is ready architecture, conceptual framework and refined architecture. To simplify the design process, based on the software engineering theory, system requirements is processed by structuralization criterion during the preliminary stage, and the the system is divided into the the stock business processing systems, financial business processing systems, customer service systems and other functional modules. After that, the system constraints influence is analyzed and the key features and quality requirements are determined. In the conceptual framework stage, divided into functional modules made after the preliminary design and then the senior division of the principle of the system has been further simplified, and will add some non- functional requirements to design. In the last stage of the design, refined architecture design consist of the physical architecture design, operation architecture design, development, data architecture design architecture design and other components. Respectively, using the Unified Modeling Language These functional modules are analyzed and discussed, on this basis, draw the ER diagram of the system and completed the database design of the system. Using the C + + programming language and development environment Visual Studio 2010 IDE subsystem client interaction to achieve the centralized model of securities trading system.Finally, the designed securities trading system and its client interaction subsystem are tested through scientific testing methods for software, and the system is put into trial operation on a stock exchange. Testing and trial operation results show that the designed securities trading system and its client interaction subsystem are of reasonable design, beautiful interface, easy-to-use, run smoothly. It can improve the operating efficiency of the stock exchange and achieve the expected design requirements.
Keywords/Search Tags:Securities trading system, centralized model, ADMEMS architectural theory, software engineering
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