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Design And Implementation Of Shin Kong Securities Trading System

Posted on:2007-11-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y DengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360212457409Subject:Software engineering
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The stock exchange system is the pivotal part which is supporting the core business of the stockjobber. The traditional one is the separated system which sets the sales department as its basic unit. But in this mode there are many problems, such as, bad portability, difficult to maintain, hard to extend, expensive upgrade cost, poor parallel accessing ability. With the development of the centralized management in Stock Exchange industry, the traditional separated system is gradually replaced by the centralized one. Comparing to the separated system, the centralized trading system can effectively reduce the management and business risks, adequately utilize the limited resource, improve the corporation competition, conveniently popularize new merchandise and cut down the running cost.This study is from the cooperating project between the computer company of China and the Shin Kong stockjobber of Japan. The purpose of the project is to provide the whole centralized trading system for the Shin Kong stockjobber.In this article, firstly, it is discussed that the shortage of separated trading system and the technical advantage of the centralized trading system.Compared with the traditional two-tier B/S architecture, the three-tier one is adopted which is based on the browser, application server and database. After that, it is established that the business and technique standard in many aspects such as maneuverability, expansibility and real-time character and so on. Secondly, in this paper it is analyzed that the software and hardware topological structure in which the Service Processing Center is set as core. And according to the functions, the centralized offering and trading system is divided into five modules, such as order accepted, assisted processing, offering management, exterior connection and liquidation management. Aiming at the offering and trading business, this paper analyzes E-R model and data model. Then based on data model, database design is optimized by redundancy and horizontal partition for the purpose of higher real-time character. Finally, this paper also discusses the implementation techniques. In modules communication, four types of communication methods, which are the NAS file storage, database reference, remote-calling and GetMethods, are utilized in the Shin Kong stock exchange system. According to the principle of the physical and logical backup, the oracle backup tools and transportable tablespace technique are utilized to complete the database backup. For the 7*24 hours service, transportable tablespace technique and two groups of application cluster are used to complete the service switch and data exchange between different database application clusters. Based on the...
Keywords/Search Tags:Stock Exchange, Centralized Trade, E-R Model, Data Model
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