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The Design And Implementation Of Online Securities Trading Subsystem Trading System Commissoned

Posted on:2015-08-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330422492328Subject:Software engineering
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Online stock trading is a kind of stock consignment transactions for realizing real-time stock transaction, which facilitates the investors to utilize the services provided by the securities company for consignment transact, real-time market information inquiry, and stock investment consulting services. Compared with traditional means of commission, online stock trading is not limited by the geographical restrictions, and also low cost, more convenient to use. Because of all these advantages, since the beginning of the21st century, it has been booming and become a dominating way for the securities brokers. The agency transaction module implements one of the key business commissioned order in the online stock trading system. This system is the main product that the Hithink RoyalFlush Information Network company provide for the brokers. The aim of the system is to develop a peripheral transaction system dealing with cash management, considering the compatibility, security, and stability.The paper is based on the online stock trading developments and current situation in the worldwide, introduced the state-of-art of the related system, analyzes the centralized transaction model’s effects on the current online stock trading, and proposes the new requirements, combining with the growing trend in the securities transactions. Through the comprehensive analysis, the system fulfill the system requirement of the brokers.Papers in windows as a development platform, the client side using C++language as starring development language, and the server side uses LUA and C++to develop. Dynamic scripting language is utilized for transaction processing in the server and cash management. For guaranteeing the security between client and server, server and counter server, the data are encrypted. Thread pool handles the concurrent requests. The whole system is consist of five modules, control module, transaction processing module, network module, dynamic language interaction module, log module. All the models cooperate together to achieve the online stock trading system. The client side uses the html file transferred by the server for each page, make the page configurable, and ajax guarantees the interactive speed.Through this commissioned transaction system, the users can transfer money, centralize the money, and also electronic contract, products register, contract cancellation, and encashment. Meanwhile, transaction history can be reviewed. According to the comprehensive tests, the system is verified to meet the both functional and non-functional requirements.
Keywords/Search Tags:Securities trading, thread pool, LUA, data encryption, AJAX
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