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Study Of A New Securities Trading System

Posted on:2015-07-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The securities industry after decades of development, the competition betweeneach securities company becomes more and more fierce, the securities company’sservice is also more and more detailed, and gradually take the customer demand as thecenter, the securities company also from decentralized management gradually changeto intensive management. Securities companies continue to improve their owncompetitiveness, in order to avoid being eliminated in the fierce competition, andconstant innovation and change, and control the risk enterprise itself in operation.From a technical point of view, in order to further improve the quality of service,improve the trading system, enhance the securities company customer service quality,improve the securities trading fund sales information integrity, effective managementof transaction status, mutual connectivity to strengthen supervision, supervision ofdifferent trading system of securities trading system, increase flexibility, strengthen thesecurities company their own development competitiveness, effective planning forinformation systems, to ensure the securities company to meet the needs of marketdevelopment. According to the future development trend of securities companies andsecurities trading system, from the current situation, in order to realize the centralizedtrading information management of the whole company, to design a suitable tradingdevelopment of securities company system is very necessary.In this paper, according to the securities industry centralized trading system modelis studied, firstly explains the research background and significance, the status quo athome and abroad, the main content and the structure of this paper are in chapter1. Inthe second chapter, the securities industry centralized trading system needs analysis,mainly including the system’s operational requirements, technical requirements, thesystem design principles and objectives. The third chapter is the overall framework ofthe system design are analyzed, including the system structure, key technology, the keypoints of the design analysis. The fourth chapter is the analysis of implementation andtesting of the system, including analysis of overall system, queue offer, cleaning up thememory, function realization and testing process. The last is the summary.
Keywords/Search Tags:The centralized trading system, securities trading
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