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The Design And Implementation Of The Securities Industry Large Centralized Trading System

Posted on:2014-09-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2268330425468930Subject:Software engineering
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With the development of the securities market, increasingly diversified productsand services, and the original transaction systems are difficult to meet the demand ofthe industry both in terms of deal size, timeliness and system stability. China’ssecurities industry has entered a critical period of continuous development and change,merger and increase their investment in recent years, securities firms continue tooccur, the securities companies are already moving in the direction of intensive,large-scale development. In the securities trading system as the basis of supporting thebusiness operation platform facing change and innovation, the securities companyheadquarters, regional centers gradually become the processing core of the securitiesbusiness, securities business department, service department, support department andother branches of business service-type units.In order to deal with China’s accessionto the WTO challenges and opportunities, to achieve the centralized management andrisk control of real, efficient use of resources, reduce the costs of construction andmaintenance, the securities company’s business model will be transformed into theheadquarters for the main mode, which takes the customer as the center mode.Largecentralized trading system has become the inevitable trend of development of thetrading patterns of the securities industry nowadays.This paper as a starting from the securities industry technology developmentstatus, introduces the development of centralized trading at home and abroad.Combined with the technical characteristics of the securities industry, therequirements analysis of the large centralized trading is proposed. We put forward theconcept of four layers architecture in the architecture.The middleware layer threelayer structure is decomposed into the application server and the communicationserver. The whole design is advanced, high efficiency, reliability, scalability, security,standardization, compatibility, flexibility, practicability.Combined with practical work experience,this paper describes the design idea ofthe centralized trading system, through the design of logic model and intuitivelydisplay the foreground, and the background of the establishment of the centralizedtrading platform application based on. This paper describes the design and realizationof database server, application server, communication server and application frontend.
Keywords/Search Tags:Large centralized trading, Four-tier structure, Middleware, applicationserver
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