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Design And Development Of The Securities Trading System Of CSII

Posted on:2014-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330395999907Subject:Software engineering
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With the rapid rise of the Chinese securities market and the rapid development of electronic communication technology, the stock market globalization and information technology obtained remarkable great progress. So electronic securities trading system has been set up and shone brilliantly in the securities trading.In this paper, based on the development of the current securities market background, unified the domestic and foreign different securities trading rules, learned from each other, thereby established the electronic securities trading system in order to meet the needs of the current securities traders and avoid a part of the loopholes of rules that securities transactions generated. Because of securities trading system for data real-time response time and the demand is higher, the system USES C/S mode (Client/Server, Client/Server) also called C/S structure.This structure the key are the distribution of functions, i.e., the pan of the functions distribute to execute in client, thus to give full play to the client PC processing ability, to achieve the quick response of client, so Use object-oriented program design with distributed processing model to achieve great concurrency value data,and choose JBossESB (Enterprise Service Bus) as application server. Database according to the actual demand choose Sybase data storage processing and data backup.In the design process of this securities trading system, according to the current criteria for the securities law of the People’s Republic of China. Provides securities trading rules and admit that treatment regulation. Thus for some abnormal trading order produce certain limit behavior, in order to protect trader interests, to prevent insider trading and manipulation of the securities market behavior. At the same time to ensure data security, accuracy, timeliness and the managing operation process of routine.To design successfully securities trading system for securities trading and the user in internet era has a convenient and quick, accurate and timely information functions; For securities market has the stability, security, unified planning management and so on; As well as improves the circulation of trading market and make the transaction more efficiently, but also reflects the electronic communication technology and network development technology in domestic advanced technology of maturity...
Keywords/Search Tags:securities trading regulation, transaction, distributed processing, objectoriented programming
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